Lava Me 2 – UniBody Carbon Composite Acoustic Guitar with FreeBoost Pickup

RM2,999.00 RM2,699.00

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Lava Me 2

UniBody Carbon Composite Acoustic Guitar with FreeBoost Pickup

Lightweight case is included.

YES! We ship internationally!
Current stocks status: Ships out within 4-6 weeks
For international orders, please refer to the following steps to order your Lava Me 2:
1. Refer to the table below for shipping cost
International Shipping Rates

Countries Shipping Cost (Malaysia Ringgit)
United States/Canada 600.00
Germany/France/United Kingdoms/Netherlands/Italy 540.00
Thailand/India/Japan/Vietnam 300.00
Switzerland/Spain/Austria 750.00
Australia/New Zealand 450.00
Others 1,200.00

2. Calculate the Total Price by adding up the shipping cost with the price of the guitar (MYR2,699)
For example, if you are buying from Germany, the Total Price is MYR3,239 (MYR540 +MYR2,699)
3. Make a payment of the Total Price through (in MYR Malaysia Ringgit only)
4. After payment is made, notify us on your payment status by WhatsApp or Email with the following information:
i: Full Name ii: Shipping Address iii: Email Address iv: Phone Number


SuperAirSonic BreathNet

Carbon Composite Material in Honeycomb structure for best resonance and durability


Unibody Build

Unibody Building Technique for the Ultimate Durability



Asymmetrical Neck Contour for best ergonomic playing



All Lava Me 2 go through Plek process for the optimum action adjustment and playing comfort


FreeBoost Pickup System

Play with Reverb, Chorus/Delay effects without connecting to external amplifiers.
Under-saddle Piezo + Internal Microphone for the most natural tone reproduction.


Length 36″
Weight 1.7kg
Scale Length 600mm (23.62″)
Nut Width 43mm (1.69″)
Fretboard Radius 305mm (12″)
Pickup FreeBoost Pickup
Undersaddle Piezo + Microphone
1 Volume knob, 1 Reverb Knob, 1 Effect Knob
Toggle between Chorus/Delay
Microphone Mix Control
Case Included (Zipper foam case)


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