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Artesia Pro a50 Electronic Drum Kit

Artesia Pro a50 Electronic Drum Kit

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Multi sensored 2 layered mesh head pads

2 zone Hi Hat and Crash cymbal pads

3 zone Ride Cymbal pad

40 preset kits (5 engineered by Efnote in Japan)

10 user kits, USB audio and MIDI support

various Reverb and Chorus effects

Line outputs, AUX inputs, Midi In/Out, 5 Pin Output

64 note polyphony, 600 custom sounds, adjustable 4-sided rack and that's just the start.

Pad sizes are 10" Hi Hats, 12" Crash and Ride, 10" Toms 1/2, 12" Floor Tom, 10" Snare and 6" Mounted Rubber Pad Bass Drum. Includes Bass Drum Pedal. 

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