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Enya WB1 Wireless System

Enya WB1 Wireless System

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One of the edges of UHF transmission is that it can lower the signal latency to a desired level. It is as low as 0.16ms, bringing super-fast transmission and hand response, essential to live performance. 0.16ms, WB1 guitar/bass wireless sytstem keeps the signal delivered almost at the instance. No lags.

WB1 guitar/bass wireless transmitter & receiver system has greater transmitting power due to the UHF technology. The transmission distance is no less than 100 ft (30m). It can easily power you to go from one side of the stage through to the other end, to interact with other musicians.

WB1 is equipped with a charging compartment of 3900mAh, which can power up the transmitter and receiver on the go. It takes around 2 hours to fully charge the compartment, as well as the transmitter & receiver. Once fully charged, the compartment can offer more than 4 charges. With full power, the transmitter can work for 3 hours, while the receiver can work for 3.5 hours. Altogether, the battery life of WB1 can be over 15 hours.

The minimalistic and slick design of WB1 is something worth mentioning. The smooth outline is so easy on the eyes. The entire device weighs around 200g, which makes it easy to carry around. The transmitter & receiver are in columnar shapes, which would have no problems fitting strat-type guitars.

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