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Lava Me 3 & 4 Space Charging Dock 38" (Gray)

Lava Me 3 & 4 Space Charging Dock 38" (Gray)

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Space Charging Dock for LAVA ME 3 & 4

· Multi-purpose: charger and guitar stand· Wireless charging· Soft inner base for snug fit· Smart charging status indicator· High resistance against toppling

Iconic Design

Functional, Intuitive, Minimalist

In Living Room

In Bedroom

In Studio

Perfect Match

The dock features a polished outer shell and a soft inner base. It matches seamlessly with LAVA ME 3 & ME 4 both in function and aesthetics.

Multi-purpose Charging Dock

When connected to the contact points, LAVA ME 3 & ME 4 starts charging instantly.When not charging, the dock serves as a guitar stand and a decoration.



The indicator light pulses when charging and stays on when fully charged. It offers you a quick view of the charging status.

Secure and Reliable

With reinforced balance, design and structure, the dock is resistant totoppling, shock, and moisture. Every aspect is secure and reliab

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